Corporate Training

Healthier employees = More productive employees

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) American companies lose upwards of $225 Billion annually ($1,685 per employee) in lost productivity due to illness, sick days and sub-par performance.  These costs will continue to soar as the American workforce becomes older, more chronically ill, works more hours and deals with higher levels of stress.

There is some good news!  A study by Health Enhancement Research Organization shows employees that eat healthy and exercise regularly have 27% less absenteeism and 11% higher job productivity.

 What are you doing to create a more productive workforce?

Green Zone Health & Fitness works with businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan area to help integrate healthy fitness and nutrition principles into their daily practices – both at work and at home!  Not only will you be able to create a more healthy and productive workforce but your employees will appreciate the fact that you are interested in their overall health.

How Green Zone can help:

Initial Health Questionnaire – Assess the overall current health of your employees with a customizable health questionnaire.  This will allow you to establish a baseline before beginning your corporate wellness program.  You will be able to compare this data to data from future questionnaires, allowing you to gauge the success of your corporate wellness program.

Monthly Fitness Newsletter/Nutrition Article – Emails on health and wellness, recipes, fitness tips and more.  Our goal is to help keep your team healthy, productive and motivated!

Employee Discounts on Personal Training and Online Training Packages – Your team can take advantage of discounted rates on Green Zone training packages.

Lunch and Learns – We customize our presentations to fit the needs of your team! (20-30 minutes) Presentations can include topics such as: eating to avoid energy crashes, meal prepping for work, how to fit working out into a hectic schedule, stretching techniques to eliminate chronic pain, etc.

Employee Fitness Boot Camp – A fun and exciting way to build employee relationships and morale while staying fit and healthy! (20-60 minutes)

Interactive Stretching/Movement Break – Re-energize the team with functional moving and stretching exercises that they can do in the office or home.

All of the above corporate wellness program options are customized to meet the specific needs of your company and team!


Contact us today to schedule your complimentary corporate wellness consultation to determine which package will best suit your needs.