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Medical professionals recommend combining a healthy diet and a science based workout program for optimal results.  Green Zone Health & Fitness is your complete resource for fitness and nutrition coaching and advice.  We are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and are dedicated to empowering, motivating and educating our clients so that they may live happier, healthier lives.



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October 3, 2018 Jan Smith
"For years I said I was going to work out for strength, toning and overall balance coordination. I did so sporadically and often became bored..."
August 21, 2017 Mary Wilhelm
"I am 60 years old and I have been participating in the online program with Ryan and Sara for the past 4 months. It has made such an improvem..."
March 22, 2017 Barbara Thursz
"I have known Sara for some time and have observed her transformation both physically and in lifestyle, and realized that I wanted to be like..."
January 16, 2017 Anne Dobbins
"I am 57 years old. I felt tired, weak, and overweight. Sara helped me increase my energy and strength with her suggested workouts. Also, her..."
November 10, 2016 Ashley T.
"The Green Zone has improved my life! I've learned to put my health and working out first. Working out has become such a natural part of my r..."