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Online Personal Training

Many clients prefer online personal training as opposed to face to face training due to it's flexibility, effectiveness and affordability.  These custom plans are designed to help you change your body with less time spent in the gym!  For plan details click below.

In-Person Training

Lose weight and build muscle in the comfort of your own home!  One of our certified trainers will bring everything needed to give you a calorie burning workout session.  These home workouts are fun, creative and effective!  For plan details click below.

Corporate Personal Training

Green Zone works with businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan area to help integrate healthy fitness and nutrition principles into their daily practices - both at work and at home! Contact us today to create a more productive workforce. For more details click below.

Programs & Products

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Plant Based Cooking Guide

All the essentials you'll need to make meals that help you lose fat and build muscle while omitting meat and dairy!  You will feel full and energized by creating balanced meals with essential vitamins and nutrients. For more details or to purchase click below.


4 Weeks to Fit

Imagine having the ability to transform your body and end your struggle with the scale.  This 4 week challenge comes with 20 minute workouts and easy to follow meal plans to help you fit into those jeans that have been sitting in the closet for months!  Meal plans come with a protein conversion chart so whether you eat meat or follow a vegan diet, this plan will work for you! For more details or to purchase click below.


3 Day Whole Food Detox

This plan is filled with whole foods that won’t leave you hungry or craving more food. The key to this plan is not eating LESS, but eating SMART. We incorporate foods that reduce inflammation in the body, improve energy levels, and start you on the path to weight loss. This is not a crash diet! Our plan does not cut out carbs or fruit unlike other cleanses on the market. For more details or to enroll click below.

Prices Vary

Shop Fitness & Nutrition Gear

We have compiled all of our FAVORITE fitness and nutrition gear in one place! These are not only things we recommend but they are items that we personally use on a daily basis. Build your own personal home gym with our recommended dumbbells, stability ball, bands and more.  Or fuel your body right with our favorite protein powders, pre-workout, vitamins and more!  Click on the product you like and go directly to Amazon for a quick purchase!


Client Testimonials

Anne Dobbins - "I am 57 years old. I felt tired, weak, and overweight. Sara helped me increase my energy and strength with her suggested workouts. Also, her meal plans have not only been beneficial to reduce weight & gain muscle tone, they are delicious. I feel so much better. Sara is great to work with, and has been an inspiration and blessing to me!" *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Mary Wilhelm - "I am 60 years old and I have been participating in the online program with Ryan and Sara for the past 4 months. It has made such an improvement in my life and well being. I am able to do it in the convenience of my home because I don't have access to a gym, and I can do it when its convenient for me. Its become a commitment for me to do the workouts because I need the discipline plus it gives me enthusiasm to get fit. Ryan and Sara have listened to my needs and concerns, and they have adjusted my workouts accordingly. I have always watched what I ate in the past but they have inspired me to take it a step further. Its been a year now that I stopped eating meat, best choice I have ever made. I am not trying to lose a lot of weight, but have dropped a few pounds and definitely gained muscle. I didn't want age to define me and if I continued on the path I was on it would have effected my health and physical condition. I am a Grandma to two little girls and I intend to enjoy all the fun with them I can. They may have to keep up with me. I highly recommend this program, it will change your life too!" *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Barbara Thursz - "I have known Sara for some time and have observed her transformation both physically and in lifestyle, and realized that I wanted to be like her, taking care of myself and feeling good physically, as well as emotionally and looking good too. I have to be honest, I love to look great and so working with Sara has been life changing. When your life partner wants to eat meat and has chosen a different health path, its easy to follow. Their program has given me the discipline to eat well, find new foods to expand my menu and keep me on track with easy workouts, which, for now is what I can handle. Sara's approach has been to customize a plan that is sustainable. She is awesome and I am grateful for the work we are doing together!" *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Ashley T. - "The Green Zone has improved my life! I've learned to put my health and working out first. Working out has become such a natural part of my routine. Ryan holds me accountable and I appreciate how he encourages and pushes me to be my best. He's amazing at what he does!" *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Analydia S. - "I have been training with Ryan and Sarah now for over a year. They are both great! They love what they do and it makes my workouts a lot of fun. I am a true believer in getting the most out of my workouts and both Ryan and Sarah push me just enough. The best part, is I know I am doing the exercises in the proper form to avoid injury. I highly recommend them." *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can very.

Scott Johnson - "At the time I started with Green Zone my eating was out of control, and I was leading a sedentary lifestyle. I knew I had to do something about it, fast. I knew I needed a structure meal plan to keep me on the straight and narrow. I also feel out of my element in gyms, but I couldn’t afford 1:1 sessions with a personal trainer. After conducting a google search I came across Green Zone. They were my answer to everything. My trainer Ryan set me up with both a workout and a meal plan. He tailored the workout to whatever equipment I had available, so even if I had no equipment available he would have improvised a plan using whatever was around. The meal plans are super-structured, and all the macros are provided for each item and each meal. It even comes with a weekly grocery shopping list, which saves me a great deal of time.
Ryan is a very nice, very knowlegeble guy, and he checks in on me regularly, to see how I’m feeling after my workouts, and to see if I’ve had any problems, or if there’s anything I want to change, and make sure my food amount is adequate. Ryan understands that I’m a guy in his late 40’s, and my workout needs to be a little bit different from that if a guy in his 20’s. Oh ya, Green Zone also uses a cool phone app that has everything; workouts (with sample videos), meal plan, tracks workout progress and physical progress, and allows me to communicate with my trainer. My trainer always responds in a timely manner, should I have a question or comment.
So, what’s my progress? I started at Green Zone 6’2”, 216 pounds. After the first 6 months with Green Zone I was down to 188. At that point it was time to start adding some muscle. So, now at 8 months, I’m around 195 and feeling great. I highly recommend Green Zone, no more excuses!" *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Seth Z. - "Fantastic meal plan and even better personalized attention. Sara was there to communicate with me each and every day. I look forward to doing some personal training sessions as soon as I return to Arizona." *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Shelley G. - "I've been working with Ryan for many years and I've been very happy. He's reliable, prompt, and flexible. Ryan works hard to customize workouts to one's individual needs (whether a beginner or advanced); continually modifying workouts to mix things up or to accommodate changing needs.

I like the fact that Ryan will take the time and effort to work around any limitations; I broke my ankle and my finger at the same time. I didn't want to have to be completely sedentary because of the injuries so Ryan was able to create a program that allowed us to continue to workout without affecting the ankle or finger healing process.

Ryan stays current on technique while still leveraging the tried and true exercises of strength training/cardio combinations. I would recommend Green Zone, without hesitation, whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle, training for an upcoming race or to just be heart healthy." *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Rob W. - "I have been a long term customer of Green Zone Health and Fitness. They come with my highest recommendation. I look forward to continuing to work with both Sara and Ryan." *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Vincent Alagna - "I started training with Ryan at Green Zone 2 years ago . When I first started with Ryan I was about 14 % body fat and I could not seem to reach my goal with any type of diet or exercise . After training with Ryan for the last 2 years I am now 8 1/2 % body fat and I have achieved goals I never thought were possible . I had worked with many trainers before only to have no results . Ryan is the best trainer I have worked with by far . If you want results he is the person to go to." *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary. 

Alexander Chambers - "I've tried a number of trainers, boot camps, and online training programs in my day. Hands down, Green Zone Health and Fitness is a cut above the rest. Ryan and Sara are super knowledgeable about nutrition, functional training and empowering me to reach my goals. I opted for their Premium plan for all the bells and whistles and would do so again in a heartbeat." *There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

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