Personal Training for Seniors

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Specializing in Senior Fitness Training

- Seniors Corrective Movement -


Our skilled personal trainers use a variety of assessments to identify muscle imbalances and use the results to design an effective program.  We provide training in basic body movements to help you with everyday tasks (tying your shoes, going up steps, lifting objects, etc.)

- Weightloss Program for Seniors -


It is true what they say, "losing weight gets harder as you get older"... which is why we, Certified Nutrition Specialists, have created programs specifically designed for seniors.  Losing as little as 5% of your weight can help you get back to your favorite activities (golfing, hiking, playing with your grandkids, etc.) and alleviate joint pain.

- Seniors Strength Training Program -


Strength training for seniors is essential to maintain independence and reduce symptoms of chronic disease.  Strength training helps you regain muscle and stay younger by slowing the process of cell aging.  Weight training in your senior years will also help combat depression and cognitive decline.

Balance Training for Seniors

Having good balance is imperative to performing many daily activities, such as walking and using stairs.  Balance can also prevent falls, which is the leading cause of death from injury for people over 65.

Live an Active Lifestyle

No matter your age, it is never too late to get started!  Recent studies found that physical activity is the number one contributor to longevity.  Our skilled trainers integrate fitness with your daily lifestyle and routine.  Fitness can be fun!

Strength Training for Seniors

The key to a longer life may be as simple as lifting weights 2 to 3 days per week.  You will become more independent with strength training by reducing your symptoms of osteoarthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain and depression.

Stay Socially Active

Staying engaged socially can potentially lower your risk for Alzheimer's disease by improving cognitive functions and keeping your mind sharp.  Our trainers create fun and creative workouts for small groups... so you can workout with your closest friends at the same time! Ask us about our group rate discounts.

Weightloss Program for Seniors

The best weight loss plan for seniors may not be the latest fade diet you've read about or seen on TV.  It is vital for seniors to maintain muscle mass while getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins from fewer calories.  Our trainers help you incorporate healthy food habits as part of your daily lifestyle.